Light Sussex

The Sussex breed originates from Sussex (no surprises there) but the truly interesting side of this breed’s history is that it is thought to have its roots in the Roman civilisation of England, as a combination of fowl from across the globe, including indigenous English birds and those from Indo-China. The Light Sussex strain is one of the older colourings and is a good dual-purpose ideally suited to most situations. The Sussex breed in general has recently been widely used in developing hybrid breeds for commercial laying. Generally one would expect around 250 eggs a year from the breed and often many more. The Sussex breed is another that, like the Rhodies has come to ‘define’ what chickens should look like. They really are pretty birds and with such a nice temperament make great pets.

If an egg has been broken by an outside force life is ended

If an egg has been broken from within a beautiful life begins

Great things happen from within !

I wish that all the eggs you purchase from me or anyone else are broken from within.

Happy Hatching!