Cuckoo Maran

The Marans breeds originated in the town of Marans, France, 10 miles north of la Rochelle in the 19th century. The introduction of the Marans into Britain in the 1930s helped begin a process of standardisation that has now resulted in the creation of numerous different strains and colours. The Marans are probably most famous for their dark brown, chocolate eggs and our birds are a good example of this most-famous trait. It is this egg-colour that makes the Marans breed so sought after; it is always nice to able to set up a basket in your kitchen filled with a whole range of differently coloured eggs. The actual colouring of the birds, that lovely barred striping, also makes them the perfect breed for those looking for a chicken that will look great pottering about your garden

If an egg has been broken by an outside force life is ended

If an egg has been broken from within a beautiful life begins

Great things happen from within !

I wish that all the eggs you purchase from me or anyone else are broken from within.

Happy Hatching!