Rhode Island Red

Developed in Rhode Island in the 1830s with a combination of Leghorns, Malays and Cochins, the Rhodie breed is a good layer of brown eggs (one can expect up to 300 eggs per year) and a fair sized table bird. The popularity of the breed is most likely down to it reliability as a layer but also its hardy character. Combined with the Sussex, the Rhode Island Red as been one of the most important breeds in the development of modern hybrids and its numerous wonderful characteristics are the explanation for why. When many people think of chickens, this is the breed they imagine. If any breed has become embedded in our psyche then it is this one and I would unhesitatingly recommend the Rhode Island Reds to you: they’re friendly, look wonderful and lay tasty eggs. What more could you want from a breed!

If an egg has been broken by an outside force life is ended

If an egg has been broken from within a beautiful life begins

Great things happen from within !

I wish that all the eggs you purchase from me or anyone else are broken from within.

Happy Hatching!